TA7: Organisation & Management

Lead: Carl von Ossietzky Universit├Ąt Oldenburg

Description and Objectives

TA7 comprises the tasks for the overall project organisation and management. It ensures a successful and efficient internal project management, external communication and of course a good integration of NFDI4Energy in the NFDI landscape, as well as equal opportunity measures. The main project management is done by the Project Office (PO).

Task Area 7 targets the following objectives:

  • [O7.1] Efficiently manage and govern the NFDI4Energy consortium
  • [O7.2] Ensure proper accounting and compliance with legal obligations
  • [O7.3] Organise internal and external communication and information infrastructure for the project
  • [O7.4] Ensure quality of the whole work within the project
  • [O7.5] Support the integration of NFDI4Energy in the NFDI landscape