National Research Data Infrastructure for the Interdisciplinary Energy System Research

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Our Services

We envision a service platform with five major key services to support researchers in the energy domain.

Our Tasks

We defined seven task areas to develop our key services with the community of energy research.


The NFDI e.v. coordinates the work of multiple consortia to form a National Research Data Infrastructure in Germany.

Our Objectives

The mission of NFDI4Energy can be summarised by some major objectives

For Energy System Research Establish common research services for FAIR data, models, and processes in energy system research and motivate their use in the energy system research community.

Involvement of Society Enable and motivate the involvement of society for the identification and solution of relevant research questions including a social and societal perspective.

Better Knowledge Transfer Promote better collaboration and knowledge transfer between scientific research institutes and business partners via FAIR research data management, respecting conflicting interests and options regarding openness of data and software.

Simulation-based Models Significantly simplify finding, identification, integration, and coordination of simulation-based models to allow multi-disciplinary research questions to be addressed with less effort.