TA3: Transparency and Involvement of the Energy-Related Industry

Lead: RWTH Aachen University

Description and Objectives

The involvement of the industry is an important building block for the successful development of community services for energy system research. On the one side, industry partners can contribute with technical as well as business-related data sets. On the other side, industry partners can also be users of the platform and access existing data or services provided by the NFDI4Energy platform, e.g. to validate new business models. Therefore, this TA aims to include the industry in the development process. In a first step, Measure 3.1 will establish the communication to different industry partners, extending the IAB, and gather their requirements for platform adoption and data sharing. This will be done by online workshops as well as surveys. Subsequently, Measure 3.2 will develop clear processes for contributing and using data and services on the platform. This is done in close cooperation with TA1, TA4, and TA5, which deal with their implementation. Measure 3.3 deals with substituting and enriching data provided by industry partners. For cases, where data from industry is not available or cannot be shared due to privacy concerns, tools are developed to generate synthetic data or to anonymise personal data.

Task Area 3 targets the following objectives:

  • [O3.1] Identify and involve industry partners and gather their requirements for platform adoption
  • [O3.2] Develop clear processes to actively involve industry partners in the platform development
  • [O3.3] Identify requirements for substituting data and implement a set of tools to generate synthetic data as well as anonymised data