TA1: Building and Serving the Energy Research Community

Lead: Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Description and Objectives

Energy system research has become more and more reliant on modelling and simulation approaches. These endeavours are enabled by continuously improving tools and methods for developing, maintaining and sharing of DO in research, namely models and data. Knowledge on how to better conduct, share and archive one’s research has become increasingly complex and hard to manage for individual researchers or single research groups. However, there exists a plethora of best practices, guidelines on how to prepare data, models and results in ways that make them easier to discover, verify and build upon. Within this TA, the NFDI4Energy platform is set up. As a first service, Best Practices should curate and present the current best practices from the energy system research community. As a second service, Competence will guide young researchers within the research community. For this TA, we follow a requirements-driven process that takes the envisioned users - scientist, industry and society - into focus in the design process of the platform.

Task Area 1 targets the following objectives:

  • [O1.1] Collect and update platform requirements by the energy modelling and simulation communities
  • [O1.2] Create a platform for sharing best practices, community guidelines and access points to the community services
  • [O1.3] Continuously monitor, adapt and improve offerings according to community feedback
  • [O1.4] Develop guidelines, materials and tutorials for best practice in energy system research