Keynote “Data diversity for biodiversity – expectations and realities of building a national research data infrastructure in Germany” by Dr. Barbara Ebert

Dr. Barbara Ebert brings a wealth of expertise at the intersection of scientific research management and data services. Holding a Ph.D. in molecular biology, Barbara currently serves as the Executive Secretary at GFBio e.V., a leading initiative in sustainable data services for biodiversity research. With a remarkable background in research evaluation, information management, and science policy, Barbara Ebert is at the forefront of shaping the future of research data management in biodiversity, ecology, and environmental research. In her role as Co-Spokesperson of NFDI4Biodiversity she leads the joint project office of the University of Bremen and GFBio e.V..

NFDI4Biodiversity, a first round consortium in the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), stands out for its extensive experience in uniting the research data management community in the domain of Biodiversity. Join us as Barbara Ebert shares her profound insights into the development and achievements of NFDI4Biodiversity, offering a unique perspective on advancing research data infrastructure in the field.